Industrial facilities

Sawmill on the Kumsa River near the Medvezhia Gora Station

General view of Chusovaia factories and railroad bridge

General view of Kamenskii factory with the dam [Kamensk-Uralskiĭ]

Planing machine. [Imperial Lapidary Works, Ekaterinburg]

Planing machine at the [Imperial] Lapidary Works. [Ekaterinburg]

Same [taken from the dam] on the other bank of the Ai River. Zlatoust plant

Verkh-Isetskii factory near the city of Ekaterinburg

General view of Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod

View of the Kasli plant

Shaitanskii factory, ceasing operations in 1905. Chusovaia River

Factory pond and Nikolskaia Mountain. Ust-Katavskii Zavod. At the top of the mountain, a chapel in honor of the holy coronation of the Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II

View from Mogilnaia Mountain. Medvezhia Mountain in the distance. [Ust-Katav]

General view of the Ust-Katavskii Zavod

[Bottling department of] mineral water. Borzhom

Kaulin factory on the Tmaka River. [Tver]

General view of tea factory. Chakva

Molding shop at the Kasli plant

Glass factory in Borzhom

View of Kamenskii Cast Iron Smelting Factory

Packaging department. Borzhom

Coal-burning furnace near the Satkinskii factory. [Irkuskan hill]

Blast furnaces at the Satkinskii factory

Satkinskii state factory

Asha-Balashovskii Iron Works

Factory in Kyn belonging to Count S.A. Stroganov (work was stopped)

Bamboo workshop. Chakva

Sawmill of the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property on the left bank of the Tobol River

Near the sawmill on the Kumsa River near the Medvezhia Gora Station

Petrozavodsk. General view of [Alexandrovskii] factory

Distributing of [mineral] water. Borzhom

Mechanical shops for the finishing of artistic castings. [Kasli Iron Works]

View of the [Kovzhinskii] sawmill. Kovzha [River].

Weighing section. Chakva [tea factory]

Joining shop for the production of scabbards at the Zlatoust plant

Molding of an artistic casting. [Kasli Iron Works]

View of Kamenskii Cast Iron Smelting Factory

Mill near the town of Luga, Saint Petersburg province [in the estate of I. V. Stoll]

Mugan. Petropavlovskoe. Construction of the Bogau Cotton Mill

Steam room for treatment of bamboo. Chakva

Tanning factory with a settlement on the Iset River [The village of Brod]

Loparev [Heilborn] cardboard factory. Belyi Ruchei.

‘Vetluga settlement near the Satkinskii factory’

‘Workshop for extracting cotton oil’ [Murgab Estate, Bairam-Ali]

‘Pressing finished cotton bales’ [Murgab Estate, Bairam-Ali]

‘Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod. A factory pond and a dam’

[Kem. Sawmill on Popov Island]

‘Storehouse of mineral waters. Borzhom’ [other side of the building]

[Borzhom. Storehouse of mineral waters and] ‘Lumber mill on Chernaia River’

Borzhom. Sawmill and glass factory and packing department of mineral waters’

‘Gin (engine) workshop of cotton-processing manufacture’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Gin (engine) workshop of cotton-processing manufacture’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Cotton rolling machines’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Cotton rolling machines’ [Bairam-Ali]

Sawmill [in the village of Beloomut]

‘Oil cake packing in Bairam-Ali’

‘Supplying cotton to cotton-processing manufacture in the Murgab Estate’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Workers packing oil cake’ [Bairam-Ali]

Main divisions