Nikolskii dale five versts from Simskaia Station

Cordon (guardhouse) in the forest

Forest. [Near the town of Kyshtym]

Larch trees. Finland. [Shipbuilding timber grove near Raivolo]

Pine forest [Near the village of Soblago]

Forest fire tower of the local department near the site of Bogatyr [Near the village of Soblago]

Study. In the forest near the Kivach waterfall

Forest road

[View of Volga River from the bridge near the village of Kokovkino before flowing into lake Sterzh]

Fly agaric (‘Among the moss’) [Finland]

‘Plants by the railroad track’ [near Repetek station]

‘Saksaul’ [near Repetek station]

‘Saksaul’ [near Repetek station]

[Forest in Finland]

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