Lake Sterzh

General view of Kamenskii factory with the dam [Kamensk-Uralskiĭ]

View from the hill of the Ilmenskoe Lake near the Miass Station

View of Lake Nero from the bell tower of the Church of All Saints. Rostov Velikii

View of Svetlitsa [village] from the west. The Archangel Michael Church. [Lake Seliger]

General view of Nil's Hermitage from the village of Peski [Lake Seliger]

Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii. View of the lake and the city, from the village of Veskovo

General view of the shore and the Kremlin from the bell tower of the Savior-Iakovlevskii Monastery. Rostov Velikii

View of Our Savior-Iakovlevskii Monastery, from the tower of the Rostov museum in the Kremlin. Rostov Velikii (environs)

Church on the site of Saint Leontii's murder. View, from the bell tower, of Savior-Iakovlevskii Monastery. Rostov Velikii

September morning on Kaukjarvi Lake

Source of the Volga River

Drying of nets on Lake Kariakino

General view of Rostov Velikii and the Kremlin, from the island

Onega Lake. Site of rescue station. [In the estuary of Vytegra River]

Drying nets on Lake Seliger [Ostashkov]

On Saimaa lake [Study with a boat. Nyslott, Finland]

On Saimaa lake [View in Badhuspark of the city of Nyslott, Finland]

On the Saimaa Lake [Punkaharju]

At the lake [Zyuratkul]

'Lake Sterzh with the Volga emptying into it'

[View of Ostashkovsky stretch of Seliger Lake from the embankment of Nilov Monastery]

[View on the village of Kokovkino from the village of Novinka. Lake Sterzh]

[View on Garda Lake in the town of Malcesine, Italy]


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