Forest apiary in the mountains. [Near Simskii plant]

Cotton picking in Begavat. Golodnaia Steppe


Cherry trees in flower

Cherry trees in flower

Cows in a field

Cows in a field

Inside the conservatory. Yellow plums. [Blizhniaia dacha, Kyshtym]

Racks for drying hay [near the Suna River]

Peasant apiary near Gagry

Crimea. Near Ai-Todor. Vineyards in the estate of Grand Prince




Watermelons. An import along the Kura River in Petropavlovskoe. [Mugan Steppe]

Haying at the [Leushinskii] Monastery

Village of Leushino

Harvested field. [Vitebsk Province]

Village of Vidogoshchi, thirty-seven versts from Tver

Windmill. [Near Cherepovets].

At harvest time

At harvest time

Fat sheep. Golodnaia Steppe

Haying, near rest time. [Near Cherepovets].

Peasant woman breaking flax. Perm Province

Haying. [Near Cherepovets].

View of a farm. Dagomys. Administration building

Finn, digging up potatoes

Dairy in Dagomys

View of the Batum coast. [Chakva]

Mills (in Ialutorovsk district of Tobolsk Province)

Sart fields. Samarkand

Baling machine for hay, [Near Kondopoga village]

Group of workers harvesting tea. Greek women. [Chakva]

Tea factory in Chakva. Chinese foreman Lau-Dzhen-Dzhau

Bashkir kitchen garden. [In the village of Yakhia]

Peasants haying. [Near the village of Krokhino]

Peasants haying. [Near the village of Krokhino]

White dwarf kalvil [apple]

Eggplants [in the village of Uch-Dere, near Dagomys?]

Monks at work. Planting potatoes [in the Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage) of Nil's Monastery]


‘Jida’ [Along with trans-Caspian railway]

‘In the field’ [Along with trans-Caspian railway]

‘Cotton’[in the Murgab Estate]

‘Cotton in bloom’[in the Murgab Estate]

‘Cotton’[in the Murgab Estate]

[Flowering plant. Mugan (?)]

‘Mugan. Nikolaevka. In the garden of a settler. Pomegranates’

[Cotton. Mugan. Nikolaevka]

[Cotton. Mugan]

[Watermelons. Mugan]

Cotton field on the estate of Grand Duke Nicholas Konstantinovich. Golodnaia Steppe

Tilled field [near the village of Lizhma]

‘Vineyards in the Murgab Estate’ [Bairam-Ali]

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