In Paltoga. Study

Racks for drying hay [near the Suna River]

Obukhovskie mineral springs (sulfurous and ferrous) seven versts from the city of Kamyshlov

By the pond. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Crimea. Between Livadiya and Oreanda

Crimea. Oreanda. Corner of the palace

Crimea. Oreanda. The ruins of the palace


‘Crimean field poppies’

In Crimea [at Barbo-Cristo villa]

Crimea. Gurzuf. The Noch (Night) Fountain

Sunset at the sea

In the monastery garden

In the monastery garden

Novyi Afon [monastery]. The entrance to Lastochkino Gnezdyshko (Swallows Nest) rock

At the edge of a forest. [In Luga district]

In the Luzhskii district. Haystack

In the Luzhskii district. ‘Orphans’

Village of Turovo, Luzhskii district, Saint Petersburg province

Village of Turovo, Luzhskii district, Saint Petersburg province

Village of Turovo, Luzhskii district, Saint Petersburg province

Backyard. [In Luga district]

Mulberry tree. Samarkand

Near Samarkand. Study

Water lilies. Study. [Emperor Peter the Great Canal]

Sunflowers. A study. [Near Ufa]

Water lilies [Borzhom]

In Peshchery. [Near Turovo viilage, Luga district]

Stone mound with a spring post, serving as beacon during floods. Oleni Roga. [Sheksna River]




Girl with strawberries. [Sheksna River]

Study of the Uste River near Borisoglebsk

Study of the Uste River near Borisoglebsk

Study, on the road to Ishna. Rostov Velikii (environs)

Sunset in Gagra

Materiki. Study. [Near the town of Vytegra]

Haying at the [Leushinskii] Monastery

Harvested field. [Vitebsk Province]

On the Tobol River at the village of Gilev. Study

Study of the Kumsa River

Hut of settler Artemii, nicknamed Kota, who has lived at this place more than 40 years

Fisherman on the Iset River [Near Kamensky Zavod]

Haying, near rest time. [Near Cherepovets].

Haying. [Near Cherepovets].

By the village fence. [In Luga district]


Finka [breed of small horse]

Rainbow [on Pyshma River]

On the Sim River near the Asha-Balashovskii Station

Monastery's boat. A study. [Solovetski Islands]

Hut in the forest, for woodcutters and kuria (coal burning). [Chusovaia River]

Study. In the courtyard of the Church of the Resurrection. [Kostroma]

Spring motif [Obla River near the town of Luga]

Moon. [Near the village of Dagomys]

Bashkir dog. [In the village of Yakhia]

On the road. [Near Simskaya staton]

Autumn. A landscape near the village of Gorki

At the dacha [(country house). Catherine Prokudin-Gorsky]

[Flowers in a vase]


Ostrechiny. Study. [Svir River]

[Study near the rapid of Matkozhnia on the Vyg River]

Dinner during haying.

[Study with small mountain river]

On the Sim River [Minyar]

[At Arkhangeskie Gate of Solovetsky Monastery]

At the lake [Zyuratkul]

Study. Near the Por-Porog waterfall

Study. Near the Girvas waterfall

[Studies in the mouth of Kem River] (laika [dog])

[Studies in the mouth of Kem River] (laika [dog])

Fly agaric (‘Among the moss’) [Finland]

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