Students in Mudaris [madrasa]. Samarkand

Leushinskii women's school. [Leushinskii monastery]

Students. Samarkand

Group of students [in the yard of Shir-Dor madrasah]. Samarkand

Kekin's Gymnasium. View from the bell tower of the Church of All Saints. Rostov Velikii

Sart schoolchildren. Samarkand

Sart school. Samarkand

Mullah with his female students near the Artomelinskaia mosque in Artvin

Group of Jewish children with a teacher. Samarkand

School in the village of Pidma named after His Imperial Majesty, Sovereign, Heir Apparent, Crown Prince, Grand Duke Aleksei Nikolaevich [and Pidma Pushkin's Library]

[Local college in Kyappeselga]

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