Entrance into Namazga mosque. Samarkand

hernoostrovskii Monastery for men. Entrance gate riddled by French bullets. [Malo-Iaroslavets]

Zelenye Gates. Ipatevskii Monastery. Kostroma

Ekaterininskie Gates. Ipatevskii Monastery. Kostroma

‘Shamil's Gates’ [Verkhny Gunib. Dagestan]

Holy gates in Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Holy gates [photographed] from [inside] the monastery [Verkhoturskii Monastery, Verkhoture]

Entry doors from the southeast. Above them the Venerable Sergei Radonezhskii. Borisoglebsk

Gates on the southern side the Cathedral of the Transfiguration, in the city of Tver]

Entrance into the Staritsa Assumption Monastery

Holy gates from the inner side [of the Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery with Church of John Climacus]

Holy gates [of the Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery with Church of John Climacus]

Entrance to the Borisoglebskii Monastery from the west. Borisoglebsk

Detail of the entrance to the Borisoglebskii Monastery. Borisoglebsk

Entrance into [Assumption] Monastery. [City of Aleksandrov.]

[Entrance to the Cathedral of the Trinity from the gallery. Ipatevskii Monastery. Kostroma]

Exit onto the Volga through the wall of the Church of Saint John Chrysostom. Yaroslavl

Gates of the Spasskii [i.e. Spaso-Preobrazhenskii] Monastery from the [south]. Yaroslavl

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