Sea coast

Seacoast at Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra

View of Gagry from the highway

Gagry from the road to Adler

General view of Novye Gagry

Sunset at the sea

Bathhouse. Gagra

Sunset in Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra (toward Adler)

Gagra wharf and seacoast

Finnish coast [Metsakyla]

Sea in the vicinity of Metsakula

Finnish coast (Metsakyla)

View of the Batum coast. [Chakva]

Mouth of the Kem River. [Church of John the Precursor]

[Port of Kem-Pristan.] View of the island from the bank

Group of railroad construction participants [on the pier in Kem-Pristan]

Inflow of the Dagomys River into the sea and Sochi's cape

On the island of Capri. [Marina-Grande Port]

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