Remarkable and memorial buildings

[The abandoned building of the cloth factory near the] village of Dievo-Gorodishche. View from the Volga

Kharitonov's House in the city of Ekaterinburg

Museum of Tobolsk

[Fat-rendering plant at Seldyanoi cape. Solovetski Islands]

Palace of Tsarevich Dimitrii in Uglich

‘Home of the Romanovs in the Ipatevskii Monastery (from the right side)’ . [Kostroma]

‘Home of the Romanovs in the Ipatevskii Monastery (from the left side)’ . [Kostroma]

Very old stone building in the garden of the Rostov Kremlin, which according to legend, was used as a bathhouse in the Rostov Archbishop's house. Rostov Velikii

Entrance to the Belaia Palata [White Palace]. Rostov Velikii

General view of the Prince's chambers. Rostov Velikii

‘External gates below the Hierarchs' chambers. Rostov Velikii’

Former mansion of the grand dukes, today the archbishop's house. [Riazan]

Swallow's Nest [Crimea]

[Scuola San-Marco. Venice]

[Palazzo Ducale. Venice]

[Hotel of A. G. Barskov (formerly of Fedukhin-Pozharskii) in Torzhok]

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